There is a Yiddish saying, “We plan, God laughs!”  But that needs to be held in pardoxical tension with God’s many instructions to plan, that He is the Ultimate Planner and He teaches us how to plan.  ”Without a vision, the people perish.” –Proverbs 29:18

Below is a sermon schedule for 2015–”written in pencil” by Pastor R. Wesley Tink.  The Holy Spirit is always invited and implored to erase and change as He desires at any time. May we all look back at the end of 2015 and rejoice in what God has done! May Jesus Christ be Praised! 

January 4, 2015:  Covenant Sunday Sermon,  “Made New” Ephesians 4:20-24

January 11:  “Called by God” Romans 1:1, Introduction to Romans Series

January 18: “Your Identity in Christ” Romans 1:1-7

January 25: “The Good News IS Jesus Christ” Romans 1:1-7

February 1: “Insights to True Christian Community” Romans 1:8-15

February 8: “The Power of God for Salvation” Romans 1:16

February 15: “The Righteousness of God” Romans 1:17

February 22:  “The Righteous Shall Live by Faith” Romans 1:17

March 1: Communion Sunday, Chaplain Tom Beard preaching;

March 8: (Time Change, clocks forward) “The Other Side of God’s Righteousness” Romans 1:18-20

March 15:  “Exchanging Truth for Lies” Romans 1:21-25

March 22: “The Effects of Choosing Darkness” Romans 1:26-28

March 29: Palm Sunday  “Jumping on the Bandwagon” Gospel of John 12:12-32

April 3: Good Friday, “The Death of Hope” selections from Gospel of John 18 & 19

April 5: Easter Sunday, “He’s Alive!” Gospel of John 20

April 12:  Pastor Matt Brown preaching;

April 19: “The Human Condition” Romans 1:29-32

April 26: “Judging and The Judge” Romans 2:1-6

April 26-27: Philadelphia District Assembly

May 3: “The Great Choice” Romans 2:7-12

May 10: Mother’s Day, “A Godly Example”

May 17: “Spectator or Participant?” Romans 2;13-16

May 24: Pentecost Sunday, Memorial Day Weekend, Chaplain Tom Beard preaching;

May 31:  Youth Sunday, Pastor Matt leading

June 7:  “Authenticity or Hypocrisy?” Romans 2:17-23

June 14:  “An Israelite Indeed” Romans 2:24-29

June 21: Father’s Day, “A Godly Example”

June 28: “God’s Faithfulness” Romans 3:1-8

July 5:  Communion Sunday “America, the Beautiful”

July 12:  “There are None Righteous” Romans 3:9-20

July 19: “Our Only Hope” Romans 3:21-28

July 26:  Vacation Bible School Sunday

August 1: Chaplain Tom Beard preaching;

August 9: Chaplain Tom Beard preaching;

August 16:  “The God of All” Romans 3:29-31

August 23:  “The Faith of Abraham” Romans 4:1-5

August 30:  “The Faith of David” Romans 4:6-9

September 6:  “The Father of Righteousness 1” Romans 4:9b-12

September 13:  “New Beginnings”

September 20:  “The Father of Righteousness 2” Romans 4:13-16

September 27:  “The Father of Righteousness 3” Romans 4:17-25

October 4: “True Hope Does Not Disappoint” Romans 5:1-5

October 11:  “Reconciled to God” Romans 5:6-11

October 18: “Death through Adam, Life Through Christ 1” Romans 5:12-15

October 25: “Death through Adam, Life Through Christ 2” Romans 5:16-19

November 1: (Time change, clocks back) “Law and Grace” Romans 5:20-21

November 8:  Chaplain Tom Beard preaching;

November 15: “Alive Through Christ” Romans 6:1-7

November 22: Thanksgiving Sunday “The Grace Christ Gives” Romans 6:8-14

November 29: First Sunday of Advent

December 6: Second Sunday of Advent

December 13:  Third Sunday of Advent

December 20: Fourth Sunday of Advent

Thursday, December 24: Christmas Eve

Friday, December 25: Christmas Day

December 27:  “Freedom From Sin!” Romans 6:15-18

Wednesday: December 31: New Year’s Eve

Friday January 1, 2016: New Year’s Day

January 3:  Covenant Sunday

2015: New Year’s Day

January 4, 2015: Covenant Sunday

January 11, 2015: Chaplain Tom Beard preaching

January 18, 2015: Vision 2015

January 25, 2015: Annual GCCN Celebration;